Welcome to the Huddersfield Wing Chun School

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self-defense and Health  

Wing Chun is a fast and effective close range martial art popularised by Ip Man (the modern day founder and teacher of the late Bruce Lee).  It is a style of Chinese Kung Fu which is designed to help the smaller person overcome the larger opponent. Wing Chun emphasises the use of body structure, relaxation, straight line punches, low kicks, explosive energy and simultaneous attack and defence. As these principles do not rely on size or strength Wing Chun can be taught equally to both men and women. While training Wing Chun you can also benefit from increased levels of energy (chi) and confidence as well developing skills of Meditation and Mindfulness.

Our aim is to teach and promote Wing Chun as taught by Grandmaster Ip Chun (son of Ip man) and Sifu Colin Ward in an open, safe, relaxed and friendly environment.