The Principles of Wing Chun

The fundamentals of Wing Chun training are simple in concept, but can take a lifetime to master.

The basics of the Wing Chun system are:

Conservation of energy – not dancing on the spot while you wait to see what happens, only use power when it is needed

Minimum movement – deflection rather than total evasion

Working on short range attacks – with explosive energy

Straight line punches – this being the shortest route between you and your opponent

Relaxation – enabling you to react faster without muscle tension which can slow you down

Kicking – aimed mainly to the knee or a maximum of waist height (your waist height), such as a stopping kick. This is because high kicks can be telegraphed and compromise your stance.

Complete use of both arms and adopting a square on stance – So you do not have a bad or preferred side during a fight and allows you to attack and defend simultaneously .