Further Wing Chun Training

Your Huddersfield Wing Chun School membership allows access to additional training on top of our regular classes. This includes Private Lessons, Seminars, Training Camps and Hong Kong Training Trips.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on request with Rik. They are often used by students for faster development or if they are unable to attend classes. We charge an hourly rate, on a one to one, or small group basis. Please email us or speak to us at class to book a lesson.


Regular training seminars are held at the Huddersfield Kwoon by Instructors Lee and Rik and by Sifu Ward at the Leeds HQ. They are free of charge to members and cover a wide range of topics within the Wing Chun System.


National and Local Chi Sau meetings

Throughout the year regular Chi Sau events are hosted by instructors from the European Ip Chun Wing Chun Association. They are free of charge to our members and are a fantastic opportunity to train with our wider Kung Fu family from across the UK and beyond. We also host local Chi Sau meetings for smaller, local schools in Yorkshire which are also free of charge to our members.


Training Camps

Weekend training camps with Sifu Ward run twice a year. They are a great way to advance your skills through two days of intense training with your Kung Fu brothers and sisters. Students of all levels are welcome to enjoy training and socialising in a friendly, open atmosphere.

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Hong Kong Training Trips

Every year there is the opportunity to travel with other students to Hong Kong and train at Grandmaster Ip Chun’s class at the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. This is a fantastic way to train with Wing Chun practitioners from across the globe and an honour to visit the home of Ip Man Wing Chun and meet our Si-Gung, Grandmaster Ip Chun.

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