The Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

The Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association was established in 1991 at the sole request of Grandmaster Ip Chun in order to teach and promote original and ‘pure Wing Chun’ in the United Kingdom.

By ‘pure Wing Chun’ we mean, in its simplest, most practical and most effective form without ‘adding’ onto the system, unnecessary and non-Wing Chun techniques.

“Anyone can ‘add on’ to a system, the hard part is to take away and yet still keep it pure.” ~ Ip Man

The Association is headed by Sifu Colin Ward, an Ip Chun-certified master of the art and a senior worldwide representative of grandmaster Ip Chun.


As a member of the Huddersfield Wing Chun School you will have access to association activities including Seminars, Training camps and regular National Chi Sau events with other Ip Chun Wing Chun recognised schools and associations across the UK.

These schools are also members of the European Ip Chun Wing Chun Association – a unified and centralised contact point for all approved instructors of Ip Chun Wing Chun within Europe. We are proud to have such close links with schools and Martial art Instructors of this caliber and enjoy training with our wider Kung Fu family on a regular basis.

Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

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